Monday, March 9, 2020

Next Steps To Save America

Current Situation

So, Warren is out. Moderates and the majority of the the Black vote have clearly coalesced around Biden. Based on a January Emerson College poll, up to 47% of Sanders' base said they would not #VoteBlueNoMatterWho in the General Election. It may be a lower percentage now that his base has grown, but we are in deep trouple if we lose even 20%. Plus, if Biden does win, his current platform doesn't address the serious need in America. I have some ideas to hedge our bets.

The Danger of a Contested Convention

I'm a Progressive, but my fervent hope is that we do not have a Contested Convention. I want no excuse by the radical faction of the Progressive Movement to create a rift. The radical faction of the progressive base wants a political civil war among the Democratic Party. They will use a Contested Convention to create this rift. 

Even if the DNC follows the rules, this faction will use any excuse to create a rift in the party. They have already claimed the rules are undemocratic and are threatening a political civil war. 

I agree. The rules are undemocratic. But they are the rules agreed upon by all Candidates. The DNC can't change them in the middle of the contest. And the DNC did change the rules on super-delegates last time, based on public pressure. They have proved malleable to the voice of The People. We can continue to pressure them to improve over time.

Please know that not all who want a Contested Convention are part of the radical faction. Some may simply see it as their last hope to get the help America needs.

The Risk of Losing in the General Election

Getting rid of Trump must be our top priority. Our very democracy, imperfect as it is, is at stake. If the radical faction succeeds in fomenting resentment about the Contested Convention, then we bleed voters and go weak into the General Election. We may even lose to Trump as we did last time. 

This set up is almost the same as 2016. Group Leaders are reporting Russian Trolls are trying to infiltrate groups already. They will foment discontent and bitterness. We must act more wisely, this time, my fellow Americans.

I'm not here to tell you how to vote. I'm saying this is where we are. The Moderate and Black vote has solidified around Biden. Sanders is underperforming 2016. Right now it looks like Biden will win. There is a small possibility that could change, but this is where we are and this is what we must do:

Stay United Against Trump

Prepare to stay united against Trump regardless of the outcome of the election. If there is a Contested Convention, and a rift is created, please stick with us to get rid of Trump. Think of ways to punish the DNC that do not result in a Trump win,  but instead result in positive  change. Be skeptical of those calling to vote third party in retaliation. 

Hedge Your Bets to Fight For Americans In Need

We also have to think of the Americans who need help and who won't get it under Biden's current platform. Biden is most vulnerable to public pressure now as he tries to coalesce the base. Even if you will vote for Sanders, you can still pressure Biden into implementing Warren's version of your most important Progressive Plans. This is hedging your bets.

If you agree with Warren being VP if Biden wins, also ask for that. This would help unite the country. She may not want the job, but it would at least give her negotiating power to get some of her plans implemented. Here are a few key plans:

Warren's Medicare-For-All Plan

If we have Sanders M4A plan on his side and Warren's M4A plan on Biden's side, we are covered either way! Her plan covers children and those at 200% of poverty level immediately, almost entirely through Executive Order. So it covers the greatest need quickly. The rest is phased in over time.

Warren's Green New Deal

Biden's Climate Change plan sucks. Warren's has been reviewed by independent organizations as the best. Inslee gave her permission to use his Green Energy Plan, which was touted as the best plan, and she added 1 trillion to it. We need her plan.

Warren's Anti-Corruption Plan

We know Biden takes Big Money. But if we can push him to take on at least parts of Warren's anti-corruption plan, we can at least weaken the corruption in Washington to make it easier to fight next time.

Pressure Biden While He's Vulnerable to Public Pressure

There are those of you who are skeptical Biden will do anything to help the people. I think he is a good guy who just doesn't get it. It can't hurt to demand it and it is a small thing to do to help The People. When he needs votes is the best time to pressure him on policy. It will be far more effective than after the election. The time to strike is now. Make sure he knows that you will be watching to see if he will take on Warren's plans. Remember, you can still vote for Sanders and fight for Sanders, even if you write Biden.

Summary of Next Steps To Save America

  1. Stick together. Hope there is no Contested Convention.
  2. Expect radical factions to try to split us. Plan ways to punish the DNC for undemocratic rules without giving us 4 more years of Trump.
  3. Hedge your bets by writing Biden's campaign and insisting Biden take on some of  Warren's plans. (Climate Change, M4A, Anti-Corruption, etc.) If you are a Progressive, tell him! If you haven't voted yet, tell him! All the better.
  4. Consider recommending Warren as a unifying VP. She may not want the job, but it will at least give her negotiating power with Biden, and she is a formidable negotiator. 
  5. Write Biden using his contact form. Click here.
  6. Share these steps.

Thank you,

Lisanne Lombardo
Advocate for Democracy and Self-Determination